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Pat’s Priorities for Moving Saint Paul Forward

Making Saint Paul Work for Everyone

Pat will continue his work with community members, advocates, employers, and entrepreneurs to ensure equitable access to education, living wage jobs, quality affordable homes, and a safe city where we can all thrive.

A vision for making Saint Paul work for everyone
  • Pat’s Jobs Saint Paul: Access to Capital program is a bold and innovative jobs program that will provide up to $200 million in small business loans to neighborhoods that need it most – without the use of property taxesYou can read more about this exciting program here.
  • Pat supports a $15 an hour minimum wage but also believes that we can support small businesses during this process.  As the son of a 30-year downtown Saint Paul business owner, Pat knows the value of our small businesses and the importance of protecting jobs.
  • Pat will make sure that our city is ensuring top quality streets and sidewalks, providing critical accessibility upgrades, and planning for the future by promoting bike/walk facilities citywide and encouraging public transit options to ensure Saint Paul is accessible for all.
A record of results making Saint Paul work for everyone
  • Pat authored and passed Saint Paul’s sanctuary city ordinance, working with our Police Department and the community to ensure all residents citizens can feel safe and welcome.  He will stand up to any Trump Administration attempts to weaken the law.
  • Pat spearheaded the state’s first increase to the minimum wage increase at the Metropolitan Airport Commission and he has voted for and supported efforts to provide a living wage at the City.
  • Pat founded the Serving Our Troops program, working with Saint Paul restaurateurs to provide a meal from home for our soldiers and families of the Minnesota National Guard.  Since 2004, Serving Our Troops has served over 90,000 meals – recognizing the sacrifice our soldiers and families make for our communities.
  • Pat authored the first-ever ordinance to allow pedestrians to increase crosswalk times.He has worked to improve pedestrian safety through improved signage and striping, traffic calming, enhanced police enforcement, innovative street designs, and our first-ever ordinance giving citizens the right to increase crosswalk times.

An Affordable City for All

The rising cost of housing is making it harder for seniors to stay in their homes and for younger families to rent or buy a home in Saint Paul. Pat will work to help keep neighbors in their homes while encouraging the construction of new, quality affordable housing units.

A vision for an affordable City for all
  • Pat opposes the 23.9% tax levy hike and will hold the line on property taxes while making sure we receive top quality services.
  • Pat has over 18 years of public finance experience in the private sector, working with cities and schools across the state and nation to ensure they can deliver efficient and high quality services.
  • Pat will be a strong advocate for quality affordable housing options for seniors and our most vulnerable community members.
A record of results making Saint Paul more affordable
  • Pat was the leader on affordable housing at the City for over a decade, spearheading and working on numerous efforts with nonprofits such as Catholic Charities, the Sholom Home, Project for Pride in Living, the Sisters of Saint Joseph, and many more.
  • Pat pushed for approval of affordable housing requirements for city funded projects – setting aside a minimum of 20% of units to affordable housing.
  • Pat is a former VISTA volunteer and employee of Catholic Charities, where he worked to provide employment, housing, and other services to those experiencing homelessness in Saint Paul.
  • Pat’s work on the budget saved the City millions of dollars annually, working to keep our City affordable for seniors, families, and everyone in between.
  • Pat served on the Boards of Catholic Charities, Loaves and Fishes, and has worked with numerous nonprofits to achieve affordable housing across the City. Pat was awarded the Catholic Charities “Life of Distinction Service Award” in 2011.
  • The Star Tribune called Pat an “advocate for libraries and affordable housing.”

Ensuring All Children Succeed

As parents of four Saint Paul Public School students, Pat and his wife, Laura, are vigorous advocates for our schools and libraries. As Mayor, Pat will partner with our schools with specific initiatives to deliver more resources to the classroom.

A vision for ensuring that all children succeed
  • Pat knows that communities benefit when kids have a safe place to go after school, like rec centers and other community spaces. He’ll make sure that they have the funding they need to stay open for longer hours, to provide more programing, and will make sure that these services are offered equitably across the city.
  • Pat is offering three specific proposals to bring additional more resources into our Saint Paul Public schools:
    • Pat’s City and Schools Energy Retrofit Program will create an environmentally and economically sustainable source of savings for our public schools. These savings can be redirected right to the classroom.
    • Pat’s Saint Paul Public Library School Branch Program will put the Saint Paul Public Library and all of its resources directly into selected public schools so that the library’s databases, librarians, books, and computers are accessible to our students at school. These savings can be redirected right to the classroom.
    • Pat will work with our schools to provide key funding to school play areas, as well as school music programs that continue to fall to school budget cuts.
A record of results supporting Saint Paul children
  • Pat led the fight to protect library hours and fund libraries across the city.
  • Pat founded the Saint Paul Public Library Agency, which allowed for renewed support of our libraries and protection from budget cuts.  His efforts to create the agency and his commitment to our library led to the construction of the new Rondo Library and he was a leader in creating the Arlington and Dayton’s Bluff Metro State libraries, as well as important renovations at Sun Ray, Latimer Central, and Highland Libraries.
  • Pat’s efforts for the library earned him the first-ever Pat Harris Award from the Friends of the Saint Paul Public Library, an award named after Pat for library service.
  • Pat secured the funding for numerous renovations to recreation centers and play areas that provide healthy, after school programs for our kids, to include the Jimmy Lee Recreation Center, Arlington, Mattocks, Horace Mann, Highland, and so many more.
  • Pat and Laura’s four young children attend Expo Elementary in Saint Paul, and they have been active in supporting our schools, including serving as Chairs of the successful Investing in Student Success fundraising breakfast.
  • Pat serves on the Board of the Minnesota Children’s Museum, where he was a leader in the new $20 million Museum expansion and the efforts to provide free access to children across the City.  As a Board Member of the Como Zoo and Conservatory Friends, Pat also provided leadership in key funding efforts, to include the upcoming renovation of our treasured seal and sea lion exhibit – a new home for Sparky!

Public Safety for All

Pat will make sure our police and fire departments are fully funded and reflect the diversity of our city. He will make it a priority for our officers to have the best training in the state and engage the community with compassion, skill, and respect.

A vision for public safety for all
A record of results supporting a safe city for all
  • Pat supported funding for workforce training programs such as the city’s EMS Academy to train first responders.
  • Pat worked to fully staff our police force – securing funding for new officers, promoting new and innovative police equipment, community policing, and beat officers for our neighborhoods.
  • Pat supported community policing efforts on the City Council and has been an active participant and supporter of important programs such as the innovative Safe Summer Nights program.