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Moving Saint Paul Forward

Saint Paul is a wonderful city. It has been my home for my entire life and for four generations of our family. My wife Laura and I are raising our four children here. Together, we have dedicated our lives to making Saint Paul better.

But the work of making Saint Paul a great place is not done until everybody in our city has access to success, until everybody feels safe, and until everybody sees themselves in Saint Paul’s future.

I am running for Mayor because I believe Saint Paul can be a city where every child, every resident, and every business owner has the opportunity to thrive. In these uncertain times, Saint Paul can show the nation how a city can work for all of its people.

Please join me in moving Saint Paul Forward.

Pat Harris

Pat Harris’ Plan for Our Public Schools

Don't believe it when you hear there's nothing the Mayor can do to improve our schools. The Mayor can and must help all Saint Paul kids have the future they deserve. Across Saint Paul, residents say schools are their top priority.  And in the next breath...

Holding the Line on Property Taxes

“I am excited to bring my financial skills, my experience, and my record of getting things done to City Hall as we work hand in hand with the community to keep our City a great – and affordable – place to live and work.”

Jobs Saint Paul: Access to Capital Program

Pat believes that growing Saint Paul’s local economy is key to making our City work for everyone. His Access to Capital Program will inject $200 million into local lending to support local businesses and create jobs in targeted areas throughout the City.  Pat used his...

Pat Harris Endorsed by Pioneer Press Editorial Board

Endorsement says Harris’ public and private sector experience “equips him distinctly to meet the challenges of a changing city.” Saint Paul - Pat Harris released the following statement regarding the Pioneer Press’s endorsement: “I am grateful to have earned the...

Remarks: Safe Saint Paul – A Blueprint for Neighborhood Safety & an End to Gun Violence

Remarks as prepared Thank you all for being here. We’re here today to talk about one of the greatest challenges facing Saint Paul: the gun violence public health crisis. A woman celebrating Mother’s Day with her family was randomly shot in the leg in a Park-a few...

Harris to Release Comprehensive Gun Violence Prevention Initiative

Harris focuses on public safety, progressive policing, and preventing gun violence Pat Harris released his plan for progressive policing and improving community-police relations. Early next week, he will release his initiative to address the gun violence uptick in...

Bringing $15 to Saint Paul

Harris proud to join labor allies in supporting a $15/ hour minimum wage   Saint Paul – Pat Harris issued the following statement in support of the launch of the 15 Now campaign in Saint Paul: “As a Metropolitan Airports Commissioner, I spearheaded an increased...

Our Ace is Zoning

I support redevelopment of the Ford site, and I believe the people who have raised concerns about the City’s plan do as well. This is not a typical vacant industrial site. The Ford site is a once in a generation redevelopment opportunity and Saint Paul is one of the few major metropolitan areas that have dealt with redevelopment on this scale in recent years.  

Statement on Ford Site Redevelopment

Saint Paul - Pat Harris issued the following statement on the redevelopment of the Ford Site: "Let me be clear - I support a robust redevelopment of the Ford site. The Ford site is a once in a generation redevelopment opportunity for Saint Paul. We all need to...

Statement on Budget

Saint Paul has an opportunity to elect a Mayor with deep financial skills, an exceptional community background, and a record of getting things done. It is what we need to move Saint Paul forward.


Public Safety for All

Our Police and Fire departments in Saint Paul are the best in the state and our public safety professionals are among our top civic assets. But every day is different and our officers need to address crime wherever it happens.  All of our residents and visitors need to be confident that the law is enforced with integrity across the city. Pat was a leader on the City Council in community policing and he is committed to ensuring that Saint Paul has a police department that reflects our diverse communities, keeps its long-time commitment to community policing, and enforces the law with compassion.  

Public Education That Serves All Students

Saint Paul’s public schools are critical to our future – every student should have access to a world-class education.  The city is a critical partner. As Mayor, Pat will continue to be a vigorous advocate for Saint Paul’s public schools. But the city can do much more.  Ensuring that each child has the best opportunity to succeed starts in the classroom but goes far beyond – libraries and parks are places to learn and grow and each child should have access to safe places to play and learn outside of the classroom.  Pat has served on the Saint Paul Schools Foundation and is the proud parent of three children who attend our public schools, with a fourth starting in the Fall.  As Mayor, Pat will bring the strength of the Mayor’s office and Saint Paul’s city resources to develop partnerships between schools, parks, and libraries and make a difference for our children.

Equity and Opportunity

Despite the efforts of many leaders, racial and economic disparities persist in our city. Closing the achievement gap in our schools and promoting economic development with our communities of color will be a top priority. As Mayor, Pat will bring together community members, advocates, and business leaders to make sure no one in our city is left behind.  

Creating Jobs and Promoting Economic Growth

This single best thing we can do to help Saint Paul families is make it easy for residents to get a job with a living wage. Saint Paul needs to recommit to attracting, growing, and preserving jobs in the city. We need to make it easier to start and run professional, manufacturing and service businesses in our city. That means more efficient licensing and permitting, investing in infrastructure, facilitating connections and leveraging our anchor institutions. We will create opportunities for job seekers, increase economic activity and increase city resources by growing the commercial, industrial, and sales tax base.  Pat’s bold access to capital program is industry-leading and his deep financial background will create instant momentum in these important efforts for our future.  

An Affordable City that WORKS for Everyone

Saint Paul should provide libraries, parks, public safety, and other basic services to every one of its community members without overburdening its citizens with excessive taxes. From the senior struggling to keep up with increased taxes, to the young couple in their first home, to the family who just purchased their dream home- residents need the city to be affordable. By rebuilding the city’s commercial tax base to ease pressure on Saint Paul homeowners, Pat plans to bring smart budgeting back to the forefront of the conversation. Saint Paul residents deserve to have reliable and equitable city services for everyone. Pat spent 12 years on the City Council as its foremost expert on the City Budget.  Pat has worked in government finance for nearly two decades and is the right leader for this time.

Enhancing Our Parks and Libraries

Parks and libraries are a key amenity for Saint Paul’s residents.  They add significantly to our quality of life and set our City apart.  During Pat’s 12 years on the City Council, he made this a major focus.  He led large renovations of many facilities, oversaw new playgrounds, and created the Saint Paul Library Board to secure the future of the libraries.  The Friends of the Library now have an award for service known as the Pat Harris Award.  Pat will continue his nationally recognized service to libraries and work to modernize the City’s rec centers and build full-scale community centers in all areas of the City.