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Harris focuses on public safety, progressive policing, and preventing gun violence

Pat Harris released his plan for progressive policing and improving community-police relations.
Early next week, he will release his initiative to address the gun violence uptick in Saint Paul.

Saint Paul – Today Pat Harris released four specific initiatives for improving community-police relationships throughout our city. As Mayor, Harris will continue moving community and police relations forward by:

  • Facilitating police-community engagement and:
    • Participating in monthly community meetings to engage our public safety leaders and the communities they serve.
    • Supporting and expanding current community outreach efforts.
  • Growing the diversity of the police force so it reflects the city it serves.
  • Dedicating new training dollars specifically for:
    • Intervention during mental health crises
    • Conflict management and mediation
    • Recognizing and valuing community diversity and cultural differences
    • Implicit bias training for every peace officer and part-time peace officer
  • Putting the best trained officers on the street by fully funding public safety budgets.

Harris issued the following statement:
“Public safety should be every public official’s top priority but it is also essential that every member of our community feels safe calling the police. That’s why I authored and passed the Sanctuary Cities ordinance as a council member and that’s why I’ll be a leader on community policing as Mayor.”

Pat Harris is set to release a comprehensive gun violence prevention initiative with specific policy proposals on October 3rd.